Russell Wilson, why, why? WHY, why Russell Wilson? Russell, why the HELL? Hell, Russell, why? Damn, Russell Wilson, for real? For real, damn Russell Wilson? Your rep?? Why your rep? Jesus’ rep is enough. Russell’s rep is rough. Why your rep when Jesus’ is enough? For those familiar with BadChristian, you may not understand why I am intro-ing like a Dr. Seuss book, but you definitely know what I am not asking.

Russell Wilson, I heard you filed for divorce.  I’m not asking why about this.

There are rumors of infidelity.  I’m not asking why about this, either.

If you are a Christian, and I personally have no reason to believe you aren’t, I’m not miffed or even surprised by this news.  I have personal experience with sin, obviously, alongside all God’s children throughout history.  We are frail.  We need Jesus.

We can claim never to deny Jesus—even with a clean conscience—and within “three rooster crows” make a conscious decision to “unfollow Him” and go after our own desires.  So I’m not asking why did you sin?

I’m asking, “Why did you project yourself as the ‘Perfect-Bible-boy-Clark-Kent-meets-MLK-meets-Football-Ken-doll-meets-Rick-Warren, I’m doing everything only for Jesus’  Christian?”

I tried to think through this question and here’s a few different answers I came up with:

You are like Peter in the Bible.  You really are just being yourself the whole time.  You really are that positive projection, that optimistic Christian, that real-deal NFL megaphone for the cause of Christ.  But you just fell.  And fell hard.  There’s not one Christian that this can’t happen to.

You weren’t as good as you led us on to believe, but you liked playing the part.  I find it hard to believe you were making an effort to cherish your wife before the Super Bowl when you were making all those “Christian proclamations” and having interviews with pastors.  Why didn’t your struggles ever come up in conversation?

You aren’t a Christian at all, but again, you really liked playing the part.  I have to accept this as a possibility.  Not everyone who says Lord, Lord knows Jesus (Matthew 7:21).

So, why, why, why the mask?  Why the “good Christian” costume?  Why did you want that reputation?  Why the need to appear super-human?  Why were you okay with appearing as a hero?

If you fell like Peter, lesson learned, eh?  You aren’t invincible.  No one can expect that.

Or maybe the rumors aren’t true, and you’ve been legitimately victimized by your wife.

Isn’t it fair, though, to say that you still shouldn’t be putting out that Prince-Charming vibe?  Maybe as you proclaimed the name of Jesus in press conferences you could have also mentioned some aspects of your struggles.  That way you might never be mistaken as the hero.  Paul says to boast in nothing but the cross.  Some may say that’s exactly what you did.  Maybe they’re right.

Secondly, if while appearing to the public to have your act together while your marriage was in shambles, what was your motivation to play the ‘Cowboy Woody-meets-Mel Gibson (only RIGHT after he produced Passion of the Christ)’ card?  Did you like the feeling it gave you?  Did you think more people would accept the Gospel through your example of ‘Christian perfection’?

Lastly, if you are not a Christian, you really have me confused.  You could easily have a higher level of exposure by modeling after Dennis Rodman, Randy Moss, or your teammate Richard “Don’t-you-EVER-talk-about-me, Crabtree-is-sorry“ Sherman.

But, like I said.  I think you are a Christian, and perhaps through these recent events you’ve taught your brothers and sisters in Christ a valuable lesson:

There’s little good in putting off the “I’ve got my act together” vibe.

Unfortunately, you’ve added to the “Welp, there’s another Christian who appeared to be good but turned out to be a hypocrite” reputation of the body of Christ; a reputation that we were never intended to have.  Why?

Jesus says that we’d be known by the love we have for one another.  In Acts 2, the church had favor in it’s community.  This favor came from prayer, the appeal of honest community, radical generosity and consistent thankfulness.  This favor didn’t come because the Christians looked so dang good, it came because they were willing to get their hands dirty. Human cleanliness is a facade that will eventually crumble.

I don’t know you, Russell Wilson, and I can’t judge your heart, so I won’t try to.  Maybe I shouldn’t have even written this post…  I will tell you this: we have your back, and we pray God’s peace and grace upon you.

Here’s what I do know.  We can never go wrong with exposing our true selves while simultaneously pointing to a savior who we desperately need.  That reality is something the world can relate to.

Now we are back to the whole “all Christians are fake” accusations that are, sadly, often true.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  It shouldn’t be this way.

BadChristian Family, tune in to Monday’s Podcast and we’ll be discussing this guy.  You knowwe’ll all be on the edge of our seats to hear what Toby says.  Maybe Russell will have to join us the following week.  Probably not though.