March 4th, 2014 (Seattle, WA) – BadChristian Music eagerly announces its partnership withKings Kaleidoscope, the 10 musician collective from Seattle whose music is self-described as “designed chaos.”  To celebrate the partnership and BadChristian’s first release, Kings Kaleidoscope will unveil a total of six new live music videos, one video every 56 hours for 14 days, beginning on Tuesday, March 4th.  This promotion will lead up to the release of their new EP Live in Color, which will be downloadable and free for one week upon release on March 18th.  Kings Kaleidoscope recorded and video captured the album at a Seattle middle school and used all of the school’s band instruments to compliment their rock band setup.

Watch the video here.

Kings Kaleidoscope is going to usher in a new era for worship music that goes beyond the congregational Sunday morning setting, yet evokes even more participation and engagement.” – Toby Morrell of Emery/BadChristian

The band features sections of strings, horns, and two drum sets.  With this inventive setup, strong hip hop influences and Mars Volta-esque feel, there is no categorizing their style.  They could just as believably pull off a set at Coachella as they could a Sunday service playing all hymns.

Kings Kaleidoscope was born at Mars Hill Church in Seattle where the band led worship for four years, but now aims to craft music that is not limited to a Sunday morning congregation.  The band is best known for their ability to creatively re-arrange classic hymns, pushing the boundaries of modern worship music.

“We love Mars Hill, and we’re thankful for the time we got to be a part of the church. We now have the opportunity to do something different—something that extends beyond the boundaries of Sunday mornings—and create music for a larger audience. Everyone in the band is still individually serving at their local churches.  Although the setting of our music will be different, its purpose will be no less important: to worship Jesus, love people, and express ourselves freely.  We believe that God is just as pleased to see his kids paint outside the lines as inside.  We want to create the best Gospel-centered, Jesus-focused music on the planet.  We are not a genre, we are Kings Kaleidoscope.” – Chad Gardner, King’s Frontman and Bandleader

“This EP is the best thing I’ve heard from Kings Kaleidoscope.  They are a band you have to experience live, and this EP and video are the next best thing.  I’m spoiled, I’ve seen them live countless times.  So when they became independent, they asked me for advice and it was a no-brainer, we had to work together.  In Emery, we have always fought in the battle between Christian and secular audiences, trying to authentically be who we are and challenge people’s cultural norms.  Kings Kaleidoscope is going do the same thing.  That is why they belong on BadChristian, and we are stoked about it.” – Matt Carter, Emery/BadChristian

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