If you have a strong opinion about weed, it is probably silly. There are some things that really matter, that are worth talking about, or warrant persuading people to the truth, i.e. avoiding pornography, or human trafficking. But the weed thing is pretty silly. It is a foregone conclusion, in my mind, that marijuana will eventually be integrated into American society similar to alcohol. Don’t worry about it.

Joey asked me (Matt) to read and introduce his post, so here is my gut reaction. Joey’s post comes across like “general Christian teaching and wisdom”, and while I agree completely with all his points, I really don’t care.  I just don’t care.

If you want to skip down to Joey’s ”teaching” feel free, but do you really want to be taught? Do you need to be taught? Do you need to be told what the Bible says? Do you need someone to tell you what the Holy Spirit would say if you were to listen?

Here is why internet-consumable, numbered-point, Bible-“unpacking”, position-stating Christian teaching drives me crazy. It is useless.  It is only about people knowing and having the right positions and stances on issues. I call it “THE LAW PART II.” The best this can produce is a new set of accepted religious standards that everyone will fail at keeping.

I highly doubt that people are going to read this or any other blog on, “Is it okay to smoke weed?” to form an opinion. My guess is you already have one, and you want to see if we agree and have good points to bolster your opinion. Or if we say something wrong or stupid or inflammatory so that you can be entertained, you have the chance you’ve been waiting for to lash out with your blog comments and on social media.

Either way, I’m glad you visit our site and listen to our podcast, but let’s not pretend that this is something important, or that a moron like me or Joey or any other pastor that you like has anything important to say about it. We all are really just servicing your demand to have something to get fired up about.

Anyway, back to the teaching…

Let me preface by saying this article is written to those who ascribe to the Christian faith.  All the arguments, points of view, and reasoning below (whether right or wrong) begin from the belief that only God knows absolute morality. At the same time, Christians are called to approximate this absolute morality knowing we will fall short because of our fallen nature.  The question is where does “smoking that bud” fit in to the equation?  As we discuss this issue, Christians should rejoice that Jesus paid it all.  For those of you that aren’t Christians, we value what you have to say as well.  For those of you getting high right this second, you are really going to be tickled by this.

So, whether you like it or not, this issue is becoming bigger and bigger at a steadily increasing rate. Christians, hold on to your asses. What’s my main opinion about this issue and how the church should deal with it? Actually, I hope we, as the church, can maintain an extremely limited concern about this, and definitely stop it from becoming a divisive issue.  Why?  Because once again, folks, marijuana is not actually the real issue.

Instead, as always, the real question is, “Do we worship Jesus?”

“Take up your cross and follow me.”

“Whoever loses His life for me will find it.”

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

These are pretty big “macro-statements.”  On the other hand, “You should (or should not) smoke marijuana” is such a “micro-statement.”

Jesus’ proclamations ought to possess such an innate power over our minds that all other issues become secondary. We, the church, ought to consider first the extent to which we both believe and live out these “macro-statements.” I think you will find plenty of work to be done there!

Yet, for some odd reason, we Christians have lost sight of this.  We make the “micro-statements,” “macro.”  Dare I say that some of us even make these essential tenants of the faith! Why?  So people won’t be able to have fun smoking weed, as if doing so will damage the integrity of the gospel?  OMG.  You believe in a pretty weak gospel.  The gospel I accepted is so grace-filled, so powerful, it has in the past been presented by Jesus to people while they were in a euphoric state of mind doing hard drugs.  “God would never bless that scenario by gracing it with His presence,” you say.  Well, what sins were you a prisoner of when Jesus reached out to you?  Better yet, what sins have you allowed yourself to be a prisoner of now that Jesus has saved you?  You may need to rethink how grace works.

If a Christian refrains from smoking marijuana, (pot, indo, weed, grass, hemp, joint, chronic, Buddha, refer, bud, ganja, etc.) but holds on to a bunch of other stuff that Jesus wants us to surrender to Him, is that really a win?  Is the integrity of the gospel really at its purest state when all Christians agree that marijuana is of the devil?

If a Christian in Seattle enjoys a joint every now and again, but is constantly and genuinely trying to surrender everything to God, is this person a fake, a sham, an embarrassment to the church? Is she causing many to stumble all the way down to hell’s creepy gates?

So once again, here’s my stance:  I hope we (the church) don’t care as much as I fear we actually will about smoking marijuana.

With that established, here are some comments many people say that dissect the issue from various angles:

  1. If you HAVE to have marijuana for your joy, sense of purpose, and fulfillment in life, that’s a bad thing.  Pretty sure I agree.  This would not be good and you should probably stop.

  2. The Bible says not to get drunk.  Getting high is on par with getting drunk, making both acts wrong.  I don’t know if I can agree with this yet.  I’ve never been high.  Maybe I should try?  Toby has been high.  Ask him.

  3. Smoking marijuana is definitely a sin in states where it’s illegal.  That’s an easy one, right?  Okay, but let me know when you stop live-streaming sports illegally, refrain from getting the new Emery album without paying for it, never go over the speed-limit, and never “lolly-gag” on your boss’ time (yeah, I said “lolly-gag”).

  4. Most pot-heads become lazy dead-beats. I guess I dismiss this because I’ve seen many examples to the contrary.

  5. The Bible says, “Don’t be mastered by anything.” That has to include those who always want to get high.  I think I agree, but that sucks for me because I feel like I need a cup of coffee in the mornings, and I’ve spent the majority of my adulthood on antidepressants.  I reckon I am in the wrong too by being mastered by them.

  6. Medicinal marijuana is a joke and just an excuse to get high. Have you ever taken a hydrocodone for pain?  That’s some pretty good stuff too.

  7. “Weed just makes me chill and I feel like I think better, act better, am more productive and am more fun to be around.” Sounds like you MAY be depending on marijuana for something that God wants to do for you.  Or, maybe He wants you to learn how to do life without “feeling” like you have your stuff together.  You know, that whole “trust him” thing.

Well, those are my thoughts.  Let’s keep the discussion going, refrain from doubting someone’s faith based on their beliefs about this issue, love one another regardless of what they believe, and keep making things about Jesus.