At BadChristian, we get tons of awesome e-mail's from you guys letting us know that every once in a while, we do a pretty good job at connecting them to Jesus, even when it's one of the hardest things you'll ever do. Joey really wanted to share one readers story about how being open and honest turned out better than they could have ever imagined.

Sharing Our Shit is Contagious…Says this BadChristian Listener

Hey, guys.  Joey here.  We get e-mails like this all the time and are so thrilled to hear from you folks.   What we LOVE about the following e-mail is that this particular reader:

  1. Doesn’t buy into everything we are dishing out. There are things he certainly disagrees with. GOOD!  It would be crazy never to hear this. In fact, he says that he probably wouldn’t get along with us.

  2. He allows himself to learn from people with whom he disagrees. We work toward this, but aren’t always good at it. This should be a lesson for us all.

  3. He has learned the value of and freedom in being transparent. Something that we all have in common. The need to live out in the open. His emotional affair, molestation, and masturbation/porn habit is too much to bear in secret.

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to tell you my story about how you’ve helped change my life.

My background: straight-laced, good Christian, nice guy (at least that’s what I had everyone believing).

Several months ago, on my way to a new Bible study that has also helped change my life called Beers and Bible, I listened to the very first podcast ONLY because I’m a huge TCC and Vocal Fewfan, and I was curious to hear “MacDonald” say a naughty word (per his Facebook link).

Long story slightly shortened: soon after the Britini Ruiz episode, I confessed my full detail sexual history to my wife (masturbation, porn, molestation, more and more porn).  I signed up for X3Watch, have confessed to 13 men (and counting) in my life my porn struggles, started counseling for the molestation (13 years later…), and just confessed to my wife an emotional affair from 4 years ago.

I like the podcast, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say.  The swearing still throws me off a little, but that’s just my church brain.  I’ve recommended the podcast to countless friends because the way you go about things is so refreshing.  You all are obnoxious in your own special way and I don’t think we would get along, but I hope you understand my story represents the fruit of your labor.  You have pushed me toward a Jesus I never really knew and I plan to push others toward Him too.  I imagine I’m only one of hundreds or thousands that feel the same way.  Keep doing what you’re doing. It is not in vain.

Thank You!

After I reached out to our friend here to get permission to use his story, he had the following updates for me to include:

1)  I’ve talked to somewhere around 3 dozen people now…including my sister and our church home group.

2) Two guys I have talked to have been convicted enough to confess junk to their wives and others…working with a third and fourth.

3) This newly developing self-control has leaked into my subconscious (looking away from porn images in my dreams) and my eating habits (easier to deny myself pop and other junk).

4)  I haven’t missed a podcast yet and I’ve convinced my wife and sister to partake occasionally.  My college buddy is a religious listener too now.

5)  I still think you all are obnoxious sometimes, but who’s not?  I think I could be in the same room with Toby now and not be completely annoyed…ha!

6). My life is not perfect yet, but it’s exponentially better.

Joey, I can’t express to you how encouraging your email to me today is…it reinforces that my story matters and God does have a purpose for me despite my seemingly worthless and despicable past (and present, on occasion).

Keep up the great work…you are still helping change lives!