Singer of long-time Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy, Reese Roper joins us to reflect on the early days of touring and their Kickstarter success. They raised over $200K  with a goal of $30K - an amazing feat that shows just how many christian ska fans still exist. He also discusses how the ska band Less than Jake acted more Christ-like than most Christian bands, which is no real surprise to those inside the christian music world, and Reese goes a bit into how the church is warped politically. Everybody knows that God is a republican.

Toby will start going to church again only if it's a church he started, which seems to be how a lot of cults get their start. I guess you could say Pastor Toby has #lifegoals. His family views his podcasting and music career as great jokes. Haha

Joey's son thinks there's a penis in his dad's mouth. We're not sure why so many things in Joey's life revolve around peni.