This post is both a mix of my thoughts lately and some practical information about our upcoming living room shows… and, to be honest, it’s also an attempt to drive more traffic and sell more tickets. I am really pumped to be doing these shows. I'm excited to meet people and hear their stories. I'm psyched that more people are hearing about us and that BadChristian is growing so fast.

Have you seen the Avengers? My favorite part is where Loki, the bad guy, goes on a tirade about how humans are weak, and they are meant to, and want to be ruled. When I saw the movie, I wanted to stand up in the theatre and say AMEN. I really think this assessment is right on.

I’d say it like this. Humans are constantly worshiping. We are made by God to worship God, but most of the time we wind up worshiping other stuff. Can you believe we really are that weak? It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that we often worship people who create things rather than God who is ultimately the source of all things.  If we have no belief and thus no awe in “God,” the creator, as worshippers, we’ll naturally find someone or something else to bow to.

Church leaders are a big one. They are able to create impressive organizations, cultures, and movements. They are teaching the Word of God after all. But when did they become celebrities? This isn’t just in mega churches, but quite common in smaller churches as well. If you pay attention, you will notice that the problem has less to do with “egomaniacs” craving the attention than it does with all of us and how we react that creates celebrity. That’s right, it’s our fault too.

Musicians are next in line. Let me get personal.  I have seen it many times. A goofy uncomfortable kid, an outcast perhaps that likes playing guitar or singing, gets a break or two and becomes popular. The next thing that happens is really weird, and I have experienced it firsthand. People instantly start worshiping you! They may not bow directly or pray to you exactly, but they approach you in a weird way.  They come to you and tell you who they are, what they have done, and what’s wrong with them, as if you really had some special power. They tell you how much your music means to them and what it has done for you. It truly is bizarre because months before you were just goofing around with a guitar and trying to finish lyrics on a deadline, and now someone is telling you that you saved their life!

BadChristian gets the same kind of thing. We get emails every day from people who want to bare their souls, and even claim that us making fun of Joey somehow helps them. I assure you, Toby and I will make fun of Joey until we die, no matter if anyone is listening.

If you come to a living room show, some WILL tell intense personal stories and ask crazy questions. Given the “sit staring at your computer for hours by yourself at Starbucks” culture that we live in, the environment that is formed within minutes at our living room shows is amazing. There’s no doubt that you will find it amazing as well.

What we hope is that you will NOT put us on the pedestal. And while we will do some talking and play some simple music, we want to point to God instead, who does all the REAL creating in this world. And if you don’t believe in God, or in the same God that we do, that will be beneficial to the conversation as well.

You can expect to be part of the show. We play in living rooms to counteract the “stage effect”; to actually be around no more people in an evening than we can actually meet and hang out with. The point of this is to be a party. We won’t be blasting through a PA system. We will just be talking and listening to you like we normally do in real life. We want to hear your questions and your stories, and we want to try to share them with the larger podcast audience. We’ve even called people out on their fake bullshit because it was the most loving thing to do. And they were appreciative.

It really is loads of fun every single time we do it. We’ve had people argue their very legalistic stance on obscure scripture, and potheads that just loved chillaxing to the music. There is always a very interesting mix of people. Sometimes it may even get uncomfortable. But in the long run, the “uncomfortable feeling” is worth it. We believe it’s the very thing this world needs.