Macklemore has officially denounced his former Nazi-style haircut. In a Tuesday tweet, the rapper responded to a fan who wrote, “Macklemore hair seems to be the chosen haircut of the racists now. I call on @macklemore to get online and denounce his own haircut.” To which Macklemore quickly replied, “Got rid of it over a year ago."

The haircut in question is shaved on the sides and floppy and voluminous on the top. It has been sported by celebs such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt — and Nazi youth in the 1930s and ’40s and modern-day supremacists.

The haircut has become so associated with the white nationalist movement that the Washington Post recently ran a story called, “Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi?” Racked also weighed in: “Just FYI There Are Other Haircuts for Men Besides the Hitler One” (even offering the alternative style, the “Cute Boy Flop,” as a replacement), and Esquire published a story titled “Eric Trump’s New Haircut Is a Little Too ‘White Nationalist’ for Comfort.”

Now, this seems like another one of those hypersensitive things that are literally everywhere right now. I mean, I get not wanting to look like a Nazi, but you can't have a particular haircut? Really?I'll wear my hair however I damn please. It's my hair and who really knows how much time it has left on this head. However, I definitely won't wear a red shirt since I'm still boycotting Target about their progressive, sinful, anti-christian, heteros be damned, bathroom policy. You shouldn't either if you're a christian.

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