I know we joked about it on the episode, but it really is so strange to be working with the BC guys on this new album of mine. I listened to a lot of Emery in college (but I have to admit, I was one of those guys that didn't end up buying the 3rd album for whatever reason) and have been enjoying the podcast since close to the beginning. I had no idea they would be interested in my type of music and wasn't pursuing any partnership initially. But here we are!

So yes, it was strange to be on an episode. But one of the things I've taken from the podcast over the years is just a general freedom to be able to say what I actually think and feel without being afraid of what other people are going to think. It felt good to be able to talk openly with the guys about my doubts and potential unbelief knowing that the discussion wouldn't devolve into an argument or have any sort of judgment, even though I may have bashed church music and worship guitarists a little more than I intended. I blame Toby for setting the precedent for those kind of rants. And of course I was honored to finally talk to Joey about penises.

I'm very excited about this partnership, and even more excited for people to hear this new album. I hope everyone is okay with secular instrumental music!