Did anyone else go to revival? It’s basically like church every night of the week, and there’s always the chance of seeing some CRAZY stuff. I’m not even saying “crazy” in a bad way. Sometimes, it’s really God moving in a crazy, awesome way. Sometimes, not so much. Like the man who used revivals as an easy excuse to get close to teenage girls.

This man was a “revivalist” (someone who travels to different churches to preach at revivals), and came to our church regularly.  He was a dynamic, good-looking, well-spoken, excellent, and (might I say) anointed speaker for God.  To this day, I’m going to say that he certainly was – and currently is – a Christian.

However, he didn’t live by this truth at all: “God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.”

He was too busy playing the, “I’m holier than all of you,” “You’ve got lots to learn from me,” and, “I’m where you need to be,” bad-ass role.  All along, he was too busy and prideful to recognize the sexual temptation he was facing.  Sin is subtle, and there’s a reason Satan is referred to as a “prowling lion” (1 Peter 5:8).  I imagine there was a point in time when he started to recognize his fallible flesh and the temptation to abuse his “power” and influence.  It’s never going to start with having sex with teenagers.  But at some point, he saw the possibility.

Possibility (I could use my influence to have sex with young girls) led to temptation.  Temptation (I really want to use my influence to have sex with young girls) led to action (I’mgoing to use my influence to have sex with young girls).

Let’s not forget, by the way, that I’M SURE this started simply – with a dude being attracted to pretty girls.  Remind you of anyone?

This Guy Loved His Status More Than He Loved Jesus

If this guy was only concerned about Jesus, he would have found some way(s) to say (or shout), “I need help!  I am starting to desire sex with teens.  I know I seem like I have my shit together, but I don’t.  I need Jesus just like all of you.  Please help me.  Please pray for me.  Jesus, please hear my cry!  I’m a weak, sinful man and I need your strength to be perfected in my weakness.”

Instead, he chose to keep the glory of his status to himself and have sex with teens on the side.  I’m not sure what this man is doing now, but unfortunately, he’ll never be completely separated from this tragic end until Jesus comes with all His glory once and for all, doing away with all sin.  He should have just lived for God’s glory in the first place.

My Typical Reaction to Things Like This

There we go again – Christians doing horrible stuff that gives us all a bad name.  How is the church EVER going to evangelize effectively when we are doing crap like this?  This is disgusting and it pisses me off.

How I Should React to Things Like This

We are ALL doing horrible stuff that gives Christians a bad name.  But, It’s not “our name” that matters.

Effective evangelism will come forth by us telling the truth and admitting this to ourselves:

“We are messed up, and desperately in need of a great Savior.  This is disgusting to me because I don’t like to see a fellow brother wounded and imprisoned by sexual sin.  I’m not pissed, but rather burdened for him.  I love him.”

John 13:35

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.