In case you haven’t watched Fox News in a while, it was recently revealed that our current President is the actual, legit Antichrist …. just kidding. In all seriousness, we’ve been hearing quite a lot about this (and some other really weird stuff) in some Christian circles. In this post, Toby tackles an issue that causes many people quite a bit of discomfort: How closely should Christianity mix with politics? If someone really is the Antichrist, what should we do about it? Is dissing our political leaders a wholesome Christian pastime? And most importantly, what did Jesus have to say about all of this?

Is President Barack Obama an agent of Satan? I kind of laughed when I wrote that because it seems so epic and at the same time so Wes Craven. I have heard this question asked in conversation, and have even seen some prominent pastors bring up our President’s faith. So I decided to chime in on another taboo topic: Christ in politics.

If Obama was actually the Antichrist, what would that mean to you? The Bible tells us clearly about Antichrists. So, if he was the Antichrist, what would you do? I mean, really. What would you do? Could you be the pro-Christ and defeat the evil dude? Nope. Why not? Because Jesus has this all handled. Bad things happen all the time. Bad things will happen to you a couple of minutes from now, but you aren’t going to stop reading this post and go hide in a cushioned room forever. So why are people discussing this on the internet, in conversation, and even church?

Because we all want to figure it out. We want to figure out what’s going to happen to this world so WE can feel in control of our lives. Oh the evil truth: The reason people talk about the identity of the Antichrist is because they want to figure out the future and put their destiny in their own hands. But it doesn’t work that way. That desire for control might actually be the most evil part of this discussion.

We doubt God, and honestly – that’s normal.

But when we place our silly human judgment on others, or believe we know the time and place that Biblical prophecies will happen, it quickly escalates into scary situations. If we are talking about how evil the President is rather than praying for him, his family, and the leaders around him, then we are the sinners. We are to submit. Jesus told the disciples to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s. Jesus was saying that on this earth, serve and honor your political leaders. He didn’t say talk badly about them on FoxNews or CNN or your Facebook page.

And since I brought this up, it’s pretty interesting to me that people lose their minds about our cussing posts and back up their anger with scripture. I feel like the same people cheer when a biased news media television host says the most terrible things about our democratically elected President and political leaders. How about that Ephesians 4:29 verse people quoted at us? A lot of unwholesome talk happens with politics these days and Christians are big-time culprits. Maybe that verse is only about alternative words for poop. Maybe it’s just me, but slamming the President to each other seems like very coarse language indeed.

Anyway… Getting back to Barry, does anyone actually believe Barack Obama is a more Godless, evil leader than a Caesar? I mean, Caesar said he was God. He was anti-Christ. But God handled that. God uses everyone regardless of themselves, to bring glory to Himself and to redeem creation. We all know people who say they are Christians but their lives have no reflection of Christ’s work within them. Why aren’t we calling them anti-Christs? If they are not totally for Jesus, then they are against Him. But we don’t do that to our friends and family because we actually know them, love them, and want to see them in heaven. Also, it is really uncomfortable to call your Uncle Carl the Antichrist.

My point is that anyone who denies Jesus as the true Christ is anti-Christ. So why are those of us who have accepted Christ so preoccupied with judging each other? We have to stop talking and writing at one another, and talk to Jesus instead. Talk less, pray more. I confess I’m as guilty as anyone. I need to pray and listen more. We all need to tell God everything and then wait and listen. Why are you talking to Leroy about how bad someone is rather than talking to Jesus? We can tell Jesus anything. Even the thoughts and feelings we are very wrong about.

I believe that’s why David was called “a man after God’s own heart.” He held nothing back from God. Even really scary death wishes! In Psalm 137:9, he wants his enemies’ children to be smashed on rocks! In Psalm 55:15, David prays that his enemies would be buried alive! Those verses don’t sound like Jesus, but David also always submitted to God’s plan, regardless of his heart’s desire. He refused to kill King Saul because God had anointed him. That’s conviction. David said anything and everything in prayer, so you should too. Say it to Jesus, though, not just your best pal Sandra, or on a public message board.

Let me be clear that I do not believe it is a sin to care about politics or your country. In fact, that conviction can lead to helping the less fortunate and bringing God glory. But Christians must be sure to discuss the issues rather than promote speculation that leads to anger, mistrust, and hate. The Bible’s tells us to give our political leaders honor. Regardless of our human fears and judgments, Jesus doesn’t sweat anything.