George Mekhail, gay affirming Pastor, wrote a letter to mega church Pastor Judah Smith, (City Church, Seattle) asking for clarification on his ambiguous statement about church inclusion during a sermon. "Is City Church gay-affirming" George writes Judah Smith. "Will City Church affirm, baptize and marry gay people?" No answer after a few months. During this episode, George Mekhail highlights the importance of churches being clear on where they stand with gay inclusion, while Matt, Toby and Joey try to practice that same level of clarity.

This is a hot topic these days inside and outside the church. Is it best to have a definitive answer on this? Conservative christians tend to believe that we take the bible's words as literal in regards to this subject, and others outside that scope lean towards it being a cultural issue that can change as culture changes. Is there a right and wrong on this? Is it unloving to disagree with the gay lifestyle? Is it unchristian to affirm the gay lifestyle? Listen to the full conversation below.