If you can think back to 15 years ago or so, you may remember the phrase the was spreading like crazy - "What Would Jesus Do?" This holiday season, Joey takes a stab at trying to answer that age old question - if Jesus were in America on Christmas...what would he do?"

So what would Jesus think?  I obviously don’t know,  but we can still wonder can’t we?

I can imagine Jesus going to a Christmas party on Friday night, enjoying some good wine and some craft beer.  Onlookers with knowledge of who He is probably ponder, “He can’t do that, can he?” while Jesus’ heart is broken with sadness over the flirt doing all she can for a one-night stand and the depressed fellow looking forward to getting wasted enough to enjoy the night and forget his problems.

During the day on Saturday, I can see Jesus walking through the mall enjoying the decorations, striking up conversations with the heckling salesmen at their sunglasses or cell phone booths, and maybe jokingly sit on Santa’s lap for a picture.   I wonder if He would start healing the lame? I wonder if He would start teaching in the food court and if so, would anyone stop and listen?  I wonder what He would think of the Christian bookstore?  Would He like it?  Would He be offended by all the “how to have a better life” books?  Would He think “I don’t look like that” to all the pictures of Him.  I doubt He’d want to hang out there long, but that’s just me.

That night, what if Jesus was invited out to eat by some new friends?  How would He respond to bad customer service?  Would He be the life of the table?  Would everyone at the table become followers of Him?  Would Jesus enjoy some wings and would He eat the perfect amount?  I’m sure everyone at the table would be the focus of His attention.  I’m sure the server would go back to the kitchen and say something like, “The guy at table 9 is so nice and funny.”  Inside she’d think, “There’s something incredible about Him. I wish I could just join the table and talk more with Him.”

I could see Him choosing a church gathering to attend on Sunday morning and I wonder if He’d be a little antsy to interact more with people rather than sit as a spectator for an hour.  As some legalists become disgruntled about the Santa song playing in the speakers, I bet Jesus thinks to Himself, “I gave the song writer that catchy melody.  Just enjoy it.”   I bet if the pastor has anextravagant salary, He invites Himself over for dinner to eat and talk; kind of like He did with Zacchaeus.  I bet if He had the opportunity to meet with the elders and leadership team, He’d ask a LOT of questions that would be the catalyst of a lot of rethinking.  I bet He’d love seeing all the needs in the surrounding community have needs met by these Christians.  I’d imagine He’d have some ideas to do it even better.

I think Jesus would have some stern words against materialism and I bet He’d have a parable to explain just how easy it is to fall into to.  I bet He’d get pretty pissed at people we’d never expect Him to.  I bet a lot of whores, cowards and perverts would receive their best Christmas present ever.  I bet a lot of people stuck in their ways would be challenged, only to walk away sad, not wanting to give up their lifestyles.

I think I’d be afraid to open myself up to His admonishment about my life but I bet His love would be so overwhelming I’d yearn for it.  I bet He’d watch Elf with me and we’d both laugh a lot at Will Ferrell screaming “SANTA!! I know Him.”