A Canadian strip club doubles as a church. We've been saying that church is stale and isn't trying anything new, well not in Canada, my friends! A gentleman’s club in Guelph, Ontario, is holding church services right on the stage next to the stripper pole. Jack Ninaber and his wife Sharon decided they would host a Christian fellowship service at the unconventional space in order to bring religion to people who don't feel comfortable seeking it out, CTV reports.

Don't those folks need the Lord? Would Jesus preach at a strip club? Jesus would go anywhere, so why can't I if I want to be like him? I want to go into ALL the places and preach the gospel. 

Now, maybe we don't have any business being in a strip club, but is it worth a try? Can a guy walk into a strip club and not sin? Possibly, but highly doubtful. 

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