Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to answer this question with several more questions. There may be some answers at the end, but don’t skip ahead just yet. I mean, come on, you guys have to be used to us by now; we don’t typically just come out with declarations on issues like these. Declarations are often needed, but should also be avoided just as often because they shut down conversations that are too important to simply write off.

A quick note here: I actually think our readers—including the haters—would be pretty surprised at how biblically conservative we actually are.  Whatever God says goes, as far as we are concerned.

So, does God give a damn if you’re gay?

Well, let me ask this:

Does God give a damn that you are a worrier?

We’ve all heard it from someone in our church, “Man, I’m just a natural worrier.  It’s just me.  I can’t help it.”  Did you just say “natural worrier,” implying that you were born a worrier?  Hmmm…but, it’s impossible that someone might be born gay?

How big of a deal is sin?

It’s a damn big deal.  Sorry, whether you like the thought of this or not, here’s the scenario God was in:  In order for Him to be in eternal community with sinning people—whom He loves and created for that sole purpose—He would have to deny Himself and cease to be holy, and thus cease to be God.  Holiness can’t coexist with sin.  Therefore, in order for us to be with God—the source of all good things—Jesus had to pay the price to atone for sin.  As we often say from our twitter account (@xBadChristianx), “Remember, your resume starts with the fact that God had to die for you.  Not a good start for any of us.”

How big of a deal is the Cross?

It’s a much bigger deal than our sin, that’s for damn sure.  In fact, it trumped our sin entirely.  God came here as a human to DIE.  He must really want us to be with Him.  What a glorious thought.

How short is life in comparison to eternity?

Pretty damn short.  That means the most significant aspect of your existence hasn’t even started yet.  We are living in a fallen world and God sees the day when we’ll live in a perfect world.  AND, the job is already done in order for this to happen. “It is finished,” (Jesus).

This means that all who are regenerated believers in Jesus have full rights to go to heaven.  Right now.


Did you catch our latest podcast episode? It sort of has EVERYTHING to do with this topic.

We interviewed Pastor Dan Rutty and Brent Battles.  Brent loves Jesus and he is gay.


Ok, so let’s say that being gay is certainly a sin, and let’s also pretend that our readers agree.  Now, let’s revisit the original question: Does God give a damn that someone is gay?

Let’s apply this specifically to Christians.

Does God give a damn if a Christian is an alcoholic?

Some may say, “Yes, but that’s different.  Alcoholism is unhealthy and alcoholics are likely trying to do something about it.  If a professing Christian claims homosexuality as their lifestyle (identity), they are yielding to that sin, unlike the alcoholic who ‘knows better.’”  So, Jesus’ forgiveness of a particular sin only applies when we are trying not to do it?  That’s scary because God consistently reveals sins in me that, prior to that revelation, were entirely unbeknownst to me.  Therefore, despite being a Christian for decades, I was not repentant in those areas.

Does God give a damn about those who consistently and unrepentantly overeat?

Overeating seems to be a sin that is just acceptable in the church.  It’s one that can be yielded to without Christians going crazy.  It goes like this: A fat pastor?  Not ideal, but I guess if he’s a man of God, it’s cool.  A gay pastor?  Oh, hell no.  Is there such a thing as fat people affirming Churches?  Yes, all of them.

The fact is, if God loved us so much that He sent His Son for us, of course he gives a damn if you are a worrier, a glutton, a gossip, greedy, an arrogant prick, etc.  He hates sin because He made this world and the people in it perfect, and then sin messed it all up.

He asks us to surrender ALL of ourselves to Him and to trust Him no matter what He asks or compels.  We have seen Him call many gay Christians to a new lifestyle.  We have seen Him call many greedy people to a more generous lifestyle.  We have also seen many Christians remain unrepentant in a greedy, prideful, or gluttonous lifestyle which they wrongly justify.

In fact, it is safe to say that there are areas of unrepentant sin in YOUR life right now, that you unknowingly self-justify, that God will hopefully one day make you aware of; however, even if you persist, your Christianity is not in question.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the issue here.

I’ll say it again.


The Cross of Jesus Christ is the issue here.

Here’s what He cares about:  You, me, and the rest of the world.

Jesus came to Earth because He didn’t want sin to be an issue for us anymore.  Sin gets in the way of us being in communion with a loving God and He wants all of our shit—all of our filthy rags—out of the way in order for this to happen.

There’s a lot I don’t understand about God, life, and sin, but here’s what I would put my money on: once the worrier truly accepts Christ, he’s going to heaven whether he worries or not.  Once the money-worshipper accepts Christ, he’s going to heaven whether or not he stops worshipping bling.  Once the gay man or woman accepts Jesus, he/she is going to heaven regardless of how they continue their lives.

Salvation is Christ’s alone.

In our finite minds, we can’t get away from the fact that it seems the bible is clear on homosexuality being a sin.  Thus, we would agree with the bible.

Does that make us mean, hateful, and anti-human?  You’ll have to make that call, but if you do think we’re terrible assholes, I’d caution you to rethink that position in light of the fact that we fully admit we might have it wrong, and may change our minds many times in the future as we grow in Christ.  We hope everyone can be open in that way.  God gave us the Word and that’s what we always go back to and trust.

You may think we are foolish for believing in the Bible; you are entitled to that.  But, mean and hateful?  That seems a little mean and hateful on your part as well.

At the end of the day, we find this discussion of homosexuality to be less important than it’s made out to be.  If someone has made Jesus king of his life, he is a part of God’s kingdom, his sins are forgiven, and, in our experience, the Holy Spirit changes people.

We need not be the police officers and hall monitors for Jesus.  We are called to support and love others, and to be transparent about our own sin.  That is a far more encouraging and effective witness than correcting others from afar.  All of us need a lot of work, but God’s a pretty damn good ruler and He’s really effective at working on us.