I (Joey) have GOT to give up control.

I’m learning to do something (in life) that IF this weeks guest did with his job, he’d get fired in a heartbeat.  Letting go of control.  There are so many things that I can’t do (it’s impossible) and yet I try to:

1.  Get all the answers to life.

2.  Be the perfect husband, parent and pastor.

3.  Get everything done.

4.  Keep my thoughts pure all the time from judgmental thoughts, sexual thoughts, people-pleasing and worry.

5.  Keep myself from falling into condemnation

Okay, now going through this list, I just realized that some of this stuff IS on me and I CAN and should be able to do some of this:

#1, I can not.

#2, I can not.

#3 It doesn’t matter.

#4  I can but I can’t (I can choose not to sin, but the word says I’ll always sin.  You take your pick)

#5 I should know better.

But, here’s why I need to let go of control.  It’s Jesus and His grace that will ultimately be my source and strength of everything He’s asked me to do and not to do.  Thus, the more I take control, the more I put it on me; which means, the more I’m operating in a way that God never intended me to operate in.  We are in constant need!  We don’t lose our desperate dependence on Jesus, once we accept Him.  Sure, we are saved from judgement but if that’s all that matters, you need to reconsider how you view the Creator of the Universe.

That’s why we call ourselves BadChristian.  It’s HIS goodness that does good through us. We need Him.

1.  I’m trying to depend on Jesus to be the answer despite all the answers I don’t have.  It’s called trusting.

2.  I’m trying to lean on Jesus and face the facts that I can’t be perfect.  The more I try to be, the worst I will be.  None of us were meant go after something that’s unattainable.  Now that I’m facing this, I get better every day.  Well, at least I think so.

3.  Jesus, this is a thorn that I need to trust you more in.  I get OCD and troubled by all I want // have to do.  Please let me live in your peace instead.

4.  Lord, I can do all things through you who gives me strength.  Thanks for forgiving me when I choose not to use your strength.

5.  I’m glad, even when I allow myself to feel condemned, I’m STILL not condemned for spitting on the cross and not accepting it for what it’s intended for.

So, let’s talk football.  We talk to Tyler Polumbus of the Washington Redskins and I’m telling you, what a fun conversation.  He’s an offensive lineman, huge, could beat our asses easily w/o his pads, follows Jesus as savior like we do, and isn’t allowed to talk about the Washing Redskin mascot name so don’t even ask!

On the football field, his ass better NOT let go of control.  Off the field?  He’s in the same boat as us.  I think we made a new friend on this one and even though he’s not a Green Bay Packer, we were tickled and giddy to talk to our first NFL player.  Enjoy!