This is the best way of being a part of BadChristian. Talking, discussing, telling stories and being open and transparent in real time. We want to form a worldwide network of people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Are you okay with being wrong? Are you okay with listening to other people with whom you may disagree? If not, then you have little or no chance of ever growing, and you probably take yourself too seriously. If this is you, please DON’T listen to our podcast, because you will just get mad.

This podcast is a window into the type of real discussion that we have had and heard in bars, rock clubs, church counseling sessions, small groups, and backyard barbecues. We have spent the last decade traveling the world making friends with and hanging out with everyone from hard-partying secular rock bands to super uptight church folks, and sometimes, uncomfortably, both at the same time. These experiences have profoundly changed us and given us an extremely broad set of experiences that all connect to Jesus in some way or another.  And we hope to relate these experiences in sharing our discussions with you all!

Matt, Toby, Joey go unfiltered—no script, off the cuff, serious, trippy, right, wrong, happy, and sad. And guests—from prominent pastors and authors, to non-Christian friends and interesting, popular people from the music world—will join us as well.

However, these will NOT be featured on this podcast:

  • Theological debate

  • Scriptural interpretation,

  • Definitive debates on moral issues

  • Instructional life lessons

Unless they happen to come up, of course.  There are a lot of amazing teachers and scriptural apologists out there who we listen to and whose literature we read.  And while we do have strong opinions and stances about almost everything, they aren’t the reasons for our podcast.  We think that those topics are well  covered  by others.

We have simply set out to be ourselves.  I know that sounds arrogant, but don’t mistake the implication that most everyone else is being fake.  We don’t believe that for a second.  Many great men and women have been led to approach their leadership more carefully, eloquently, and in a way that lessens tension.  But we’ll also be so daring to say that some of these leaders’ pursuit of secrecy and public elitist morality is not what God has asked them to do.  It’s merely what leaders (or people in general) were taught to do by others under the same delusional pursuit.

We don’t want to appear better than we are.  What’s the benefit of that?  To create a following that consists of people trying to imitate us?  Any attempt of personal “righteous living” that you or I think we have is actually a façade.

We aren’t trying to be offensive.  Even though real life IS offensive.  When you listen to people who are different than you, often those differences are offensive.  When you have been taught to stay nice and safe in the Christianese bubble, listening to those people, who are trying to pop that thing, can be quite alarming.

We aren’t trying to “settle the story.”  The story was settled when Jesus said, “It is finished.”  Because of those words, we can be real, raw, open, honest, and gracefully listen to others.

With those in mind, there isn’t anyone we cannot learn from—including people with different beliefs.

We believe it’s our job to point people towards the one important truth rather than to settle issues.  At the same time, Jesus is in charge of things; because we think He is God, we are free to enjoy people of different walks of life, having open hands to help where God sees fit and thankful hearts that we get to know God’s creation.

So, what goes on in our podcasts?

  • Toby’s daughter having an unhealthy fixation on King David’s head being cut off.  (What the hell, Sunday School teacher?!)

  • Making fun of Joey’s depression.

  • Talking about sex and masturbation, along with other subject matter in our posts.

  • Hearing Matt’s crazy-ass theories about life and the Christian walk.

  • Conversations with guests, ranging from pastors, atheists, friends, strangers, gays, hicks, and our friend, Dicky the Duck.

  • Dicky the Duck talking.  He is a brand new Christian, who is rough around the edges but brings a lot of insight and laughs to our podcasts.

  • Answering your questions and having conversations with BadChristian supporters AND haters.

Basically, this podcast will contain the conversations that are typical for us.

But there are many problems that go along with this.  In real conversations, we get things wrong and say things that later we need to ask for each other’s forgiveness.  In real conversations, we may say things that aren’t respectful to sensitive ears.  When heard in an isolated context, the things we say may give people the wrong impression of what we are after with BadChristian.  When we engage in real conversations, we probably fail as much as we help.

But isn’t this real?  Isn’t this what the Bible does?  When Jesus’s disciples saw that Jesus wasn’t welcomed in their community, they ask, “Lord do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?”  Fire from heaven?  Did they really say that?  Yes they did.  And all Christians throughout all eternity will read this.

What about Abraham’s lies of his wife being his sister, permitting a man to sleep with his wife?

What about Peter telling Jesus that he will never forsake Him?

And yet we know that the Bible is all about Jesus.  Jesus being the hero, Jesus being the Savior, and Jesus being the King forever despite how often His people mess up.

It’s our conviction to take this approach while some of you don’t share in this position. And that’s okay!  As long as you know that we will be the ones whose mistakes are right out there for all to see.  Some we will edit.  Some we won’t.  With some of the upcoming conversations, we’re already a bit uneasy.

For the Lord’s sake, we’ll put our weaknesses on the forefront.  We’ll actually delight in them as well as in some of your insults.  This will weaken us, and yet, through God’s strength, we will be stronger.

Sounds like a Bible verse.  Wait.  It is.