Barnabas Piper and His Recent Divorce

Author Barnabas Piper navigates and processes the benefits and potential harm of different transparency levels of conversations concerning his recent divorce. How DO we determine what level of discretion to use in the time of personal or family crisis? Whether you are a christian or not, what is a healthy level of transparency for one to have? Do we keep everything to ourselves and remain silent about our own problems or sin? Do we verbally vomit anything and everything about ourselves and our families, regardless of who it may affect?

We tend to lean toward the verbal vomit side. We’re no theologians, but it seems the christian culture has kept itself way too silent for far too long. However, we realize there is a level of discretion that is healthy for all parties involved. The problem seems to lie within the idea of concealing our weaknesses so that no one really knows where our struggles lie. If we’re talking about christian culture, the problem has always been the “holier than thou” mentality. We tend to point fingers at others because their sin is visible, even though we know there’s something boiling beneath the surface of our own lives. No one likes a person who thinks they’re better than someone else. And even beyond that, being open and honest about our problems has to be a more healthy way of living, regardless of religious orientation.

In regards to church itself, is that institution wrapping up as we know it? There are so many different philosophies of how church should be, how can it be just one thing? All we really know is that it can’t continue as it is. Something’s gotta give.

Toby and Matt tread lightly in this episode due to Joey’s current state of depression. You never know which Joey might show up, and you never know how much shit Toby and Matt are gonna give him.

In the damn news, we hear how an 11 year old gets all of his classmates high on some specially laced treats. I think Toby did the same thing when he was that age.