One of our readers shares his opinions on the current state of today's churches and today's believers, and what our book has to say about them.

Over the past year, we have seen an onset of books, blogs, and articles discussing why the Millennial generation has distanced itself from the church.  Answers to the problem include style of worship, lack of the gospel, and even the faux-”cool place to hang out” styles of church.  It’s funny, the same gimmicks used to attract people actually drives some away.

The one point that most authors and writers agree upon is the lack of authenticity.  A recurring phrase is that the Millennials have a very sensitive “bullshit meter.”  Young people know when you are selling something or when you are holding back all the facts.  Somehow, the church at large has accepted hypocrisy and half truths as “good enough.”  The church is fine with preaching the fallenness of man while relying on their own self-righteousness to make them more like Christ.

Isn’t that missing the point?

If people look into the church and see a bunch of people confessing they have it all together while not having it all together, how does that look?  InBADCHRISTIAN, GREATSAVIOR, it says, “We can no longer allow inauthentic living to mar our faith and the way we preach the Gospel.” (BadChristian, GreatSavior, pg 23)  Yes, we are hypocrites; we preach holy living and turn around and live for ourselves.

Do you know how nice it is to come clean?  Have you told the people that mean the most to you about your porn addiction, drug abuse, problem with lying, or gluttony?  If you have, you can attest to the freedom it affords you.  If you haven’t, why not?  Don’t be afraid.  We’re human.  We will mess up.  Luckily, we have a great Savior whose blood “covers a multitude of sins.”

“We are called to preach the Gospel in truth, but Christianity is plagued with preaching through hypocrisy.” (BadChristian GreatSavior, pg 23)  Stop relying on your causes, mercy ministries, small group leadership opportunities, or short term missions trips to make you a “good Christian.”  Rely on the continual renewing of our minds by the Holy Spirit as a gift of grace through Christ’s sacrificial death and glorious resurrection.

Live authentically.  Confess your sins to your brothers and sisters.  Acknowledge that you can’t do any better than you already are.  Let the unbelievers revile us for our truthfulness and not our hypocrisy.  Let them see Christ and not our good works.