BC group therapy
7 week live podcast


UPDATE: Hi Guys, Thanks for your responses to the Mens group.  Session 1 is completely full.  We will be creating other upcoming sessions soon.  Please email (seth@badchristian.com) to get on the waitlist, and you will be contacted with more information. 

We will get together as men and talk about specific topics each time.  This space will be safe, respectful and open to each other’s views. Participants can either be anonymous or called out by name.  The hopes of this group is to create a real-time podcast that highlights the efficacy of group therapy and the benefits of being in community and meeting weekly. This will be an open group, the only caveat is you will need to have an interest in self-improvement, be open to feedback from the group, be willing to give feedback to the group, have an obligation to privacy and confidentiality, open mind, and a willingness to change.


This is a REAL therapy group.  I am a licensed psychotherapist in the State of WA.  Confidentiality is taken very seriously.  What happens in the group, stays in the group. 


Our recorded sessions will be created into a BC group podcast.  This podcast will be on the Bad Christian family of podcasts which reach approximately 40,000 people per week.  Your participation is completely 100% voluntary.  You can choose to dismiss yourself at any time and are under NO obligation to move forward. 

Must be willing and able to commit to in-person weekly groups to apply.
Time and location information will be emailed to you upon acceptance.

Please email seth@badchristian.com to apply!